Right from our oven… Baked with love.

White Products

If you like it in white.


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White Bloomer 400g

White Bloomer 800g

White Split Tin 800g

White Farmhouse 400g

White Coburg 400g

White Farmhouse 800g

White Sandwich Tin 800g

White Cottage Loaf 400g

White Cob Loaf 400g

Malted Bloomer 400g

Malted Bloomer 800g

Malted Split Tin 800g

Malted Farmhouse 400g

Malted Farmhouse 800g

Malted Sandwich Tin 800g

Malted Cottage Loaf 400g

Malted Cob Loaf 400g

Malted Coburg 400g

Malted Products

If you like it malted.


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Wholemeal Products

If you like Wholemeal.


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Wholemeal Bloomer 400g

Wholemeal Bloomer 800g

Wholemeal Split Tin 800g

Wholemeal Farmhouse 400g

Wholemeal Coburg 400g

Wholemeal Farmhouse 800g

Wholemeal Sandwich Tin 800g

Wholemeal Cottage Loaf 400g

Wholemeal Cob Loaf 400g

Ciabatta Loaf 400g

Ciabatta Loaf 800g

Sundried Tomato Loaf 400g

Sundried Tomato Loaf 800g

Onion Loaf 400g

Onion Loaf 800g

Black Olive Loaf 400g

Black Olive Loaf 800g

Cheese Loaf 400g

Cheese Loaf 800g

Focaccia Loaf 400g

Focaccia Loaf 800g

Spiced Fruit Loaf 400g

Focaccia Sheet 800g

Rye & Caramelised Onion 800g


If you like Loafs.


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If you like Rolls.


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Crusty White Roll 80g

Soft White Roll 80g

Soft Wholemeal Roll 80g

Soft Malted Roll 80g

White Finger Roll 80g

Wholemeal Finger Roll 80g

Maled Finger Roll 80g

White Bridge Roll 30g

Wholmeal Bridge Roll 30g

Malted Bridge Roll 30g

White Cottage Roll 90g

Wholemeal Cottage Roll 90g

Malted Cottage Roll 90g

Ciabatta Bap 130g

White 4" Bap

White 5" Bap

White 6" Bap

Wholemeal 4" Bap

Wholemeal 5" Bap

Wholemeal 6" Bap

White Canape Bap 30g

Malted 4" Bap

Malted 5" Bap

Malted 6" Bap

Tiger 5" Bap

Tiger 6" Bap

Focaccia 5" Bap

Focaccia 6" Bap

Brioche 5" Baps


If you like Baps.


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Dinner Roll

If you like Rolls.


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White Dinner Roll 50gx10

Wholemeal Dinner Roll 50gx10

Malted Dinner Roll 50gx10

Dinner Roll Selection 50gx10

Pizza Base 10"

Pizza Base 15"

Pizza Base 1/1 Size

Pizza Base

If you like Baps.


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Bagels & Baguette

Selection of baked products.


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White Panini 120g

Breakfast Muffins x6

Crumpets x6

White Bagels x5

Wholemeal Bagels x5

White Baguette 8"

Wholemeal Baguette 8"

Malted Baguette 8"

White Baguette 10"

Wholemeal Baguette 10"

Malted Baguette 10"

White Baguette 11"

Wholemeal Baguette 11"

Malted Baguette 11"

White Demi Baguette 240g

White French Stick 400g

Wholemeal French Stick 400g

Malted French Stick 400g

White Sub Roll 130g

Wholemeal Sub Roll 130g

Malted Sub Roll 130g

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